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Customized Recipes (Raw or Cooked)

Customized Recipes (Raw or Cooked)

We will formulate one large batch recipe ( Cooked or Raw) specially customised to your dog's age, weight, activity using ingredients that can be easily purchase from our local supermarket and of course those your dogs love and able to tolerate!

You will receive the following :

  • One large batch of customised recipe (for 7 days)

  •  Recipe formulated are based on reommended allowance (RA) set by the National Research Council (NRC).

  • Specific supplements and amount to include based your dog's needs.

  • Pre Consulation will be included before customising recipe except for healthy adult dog.

Once we have receive your order request, you will receive a form via email within 1 working day. Please complete the form and return to us within 1 week. Analysis will be completed within 1-3 weeks once completed form has been received.

*Waiting time subject to change depending on the queue ahead.

*Please note that follow up is not included in Customised Recipe Service for Healthy Adult dogs and Puppies but we include up to 2 email exchanges for customized recipe for dog with specific health problems or puppies. We do offer extra email consulation for any support required.


*If you require more than one recipe, there will be additional charge of $25 per recipe if purchased at the same time.

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